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Carpet Cleaning


Everest Clean
- Carpet Cleaning London - Huge savings on carpet cleaning


  • Single Room - £20
  • Double Room - £25
  • Living Room - £30
  • Hallway - £12
  • Landing - £8
  • Stairs - £2 per step
  • Armchair - £25
  • 2 Seat sofa - £35
  • 3 Seat sofa - £45

Book carpet cleaning with any other service and get up to 10% discount on carpet cleaning.

  • What we do? Carpet Cleaning:
  • We spray the carpet with professional carpet cleaning materials using high quality equipment and thus even heavy stains come out easily.
  • We are using anti-bacterial materials.
  • Cleaning carpets is not the only thing - we make sure your carpet is well cleaned and smells nice, by deodorizing it.
  • Please ask for additional protection treatments and we will be able to help!

Carpet Cleaning London is becoming more and more important nowadays and as almost every home comprises of the beauty of well presented clean carpets we have to make sure those remain clean at all times. We make sure that stains come out no matter how old how heavy they are, make sure you have clean carpets! Look no further for Carpet Cleaning London. No matter how clean your home or office is it is always important for to have a good looking and clean carpet as well.

There is a huge difference between before and after we have cleaned your caret no matter when it was last cleaned. At Everest Maid Cleaning Services we understand the importance of carpet cleaning and the impact of it at the first impression when one enters a properly. This is why we have dedicated teams of carpet cleaners who are very professional and can come at short notice. Furthermore we can give you and advice on how to keep your carpets clean at all times and avoid washing it very often. Wool or synthetic carpets heavily soiled or not, we clean them all.

Give us a call to find out how much you can save today!

Carpet cleaning prices are subject to average size rooms and end price will be confirmed once carpet cleaning team is on site and check the condition and size of carpets.




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