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One-Off Cleaning

One-Off Cleaning - Everest Clean Cleaning Services London
One-Off Cleaning

One-off Cleaning Service by Everest Clean.

This service is very suitable for people who do not require a regular domestic maid every week or every fortnight but prefer to have someone only when needed. The cleaners will do the work according to customer's requirements and unlike a regular cleaning service where everything is pretty much a standard schedule, the maid will be able to pay closer attention to details as required. For example a deeper oven cleaning, or more through lime scale removing, ironing, etc.


We also offer cleaning services as listed below at an ever lower price.

£14.00 per person per hour. Minimum charge is £42.00/visit a cleaner.

NO additional fees.

NO hidden charges

Sample prices for most common visits per cleaner:                                                                    Other Services:

  • 2 Hours = £42.00                                       Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • 3 Hours = £42.00                                      One-Off and Tenancy Cleaning
  • 4 Hours = £56.00                                                         Contract Cleaning
  • 5 Hours = £60.00                                                          Office Cleaning

Our cleaners can bring cleaning materials with them for extra £2.00 per hour.

It is very easy to book a cleaner and in most cases we are ready to send you someone the following morning… or late afternoon, it all depends on what suits you best. Please call us on 077 130 97 451 or use our BOOK Form to request a call-back.

The cleaning maids are based in North, North-West, East, South-East, South and West London areas with dedicated cleaners for areas as Blackheath/Greenwich, Bromley, Hampstead, Sloane and London Cityweare happy to respond to last minute bookings.

Professional Cleaners in London by Everest Clean:

  • Everest Clean London: experienced and reliable cleaners in London.
  • Our maids can provide expertise when it comes to dealing with stains.
  • We offer both: exclusive as well as value-for-money services.
  • Our Off cleaning services in London are guaranteed.
  • The cleaners are experienced and communicative.
  • Everest Clean Maids can do your shopping according to a list and schedule.
  • Ironing is yet another service which we provide as a part of our domestic helpers services.
  • For regular customers we will issue one invoice per month.
  • One-Off cleaning customers will receive an invoice as soon as we have confirmed the job has been complete to high standard.

Call us today or book a call-back online . Tel: 077 130 97 451; 0208 8587706 ; 0203 150 1733

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To book our London cleaning services, please feel free to call us on 077 130 97 451.

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