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Domestic Cleaning Service Day 2

Domestic Cleaning Service Day 2 - Everest Clean News
Domestic Cleaning Service Day 2


Cleaning Secrets Day 2

Removing the dark spots from joints.

When it comes to home cleaning our domestic maids can go the extra mile to clean your house and provide a high quality service.

Occasionally some bathrooms may need the joints between tiles cleaned. This would be the dark spots that may appear between tiles in the bathroom. Normally there is some mould involved as well and it takes hard effort to be removed. Although this is not a common issue, we must admit that poor grouting skills or the use of low quality materials may cause you big trouble in the bathroom.

We would advise our clients to contact the cleaning company or ask the cleaner to arrange a cleaning solution for the next visit. Thus it will save time which will leave the cleaning maid enough time to complete her weekly duties and at the same time clean the problem area.

This is yet another service you would like to hear about. We are glad that many of our clients realize how much we do, but at the same time as a cleaning company in London it is our responsibility to make sure that all our clients get the benefits of employing us for a domestic cleaning service.

To book our London cleaning services, please feel free to call us on 077 130 97 451.

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