Toilet paper should unroll from the back or alongside the well.

 How do you prefer it to unroll - Front or Back? - Everest Clean
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Toilet Paper Rolls - Front or Behind?

Toilet Paper Rolls - Front or Behind? - Everest Clean News
Toilet Paper Rolls - Front or Behind?

This is the question which took place today. Unfortunately it also raised other questions... How do i like it? Which side does it come off in my toilet? A few friends discussed and we all decided to check which way it unrolls at home and then continue the debate tomorrow.

Just checked what it is like and it is behind, or otherwise said the toilet paper unrolls along the wall. However i believe it is for no particular reason! Maybe it is just one of those things we do without thinking about it, we like it this way not the other, not that it makes any difference at all....

However you like it is entirely up to you. I personally do not know of any linked beavertail issues linked to either way or the other, however i do know it runs on the inside at my house!

It all kicked off when we were having a discussion about trees.... so one thing lead to another and the next moment there was a heated debate on how and why toilet paper should unroll on from the fron or back. Either way it is chaning it is simple, pull it out, turn the roll and put it back in! :-)... it is all linked toilet paper comes from trees, or as most manufacturers claim nowadays from recycled paper, which comes from paper, which comes from trees, i believe.

We launched a discussion on Facebook! Vote and make sure your voice is heard, because at the end we will advise all our cleaners how the people want it.

Let me know how you prefer! The discussion goes on here:!/photo.php?fbid=421169984634769&set=a.245235152228254.60532.166612683423835&type=1&theater

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Some people prefer the toilet paper to unroll at the fron others at the back. This is why we launched a discussion on facebook.

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